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Power Stories: The 8 Stories You Must Tell to Build an Epic Business [Valerie Khoo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Learn to tell stories .
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They can be used to inspire or scare, to motivate or manipulate, to empower or dominate. Throughout history people have embraced the power of storytelling, for good or ill. Hitler knew how to use stories to his advantage, but he also encouraged book-burning campaigns to destroy the stories that ran counter to his own.

Blogs, social media and other online sharing platforms have broadened the one-to-many model into potentially one-to-millions.

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A story is so simple. But sometimes the simplest things can have the greatest impact. Stories can make or break whether you score a deal with a new client. They can be decisive in convincing a jury to convict someone or to set them free. I may even remember to do it. Our brains absorb and retain stories more readily than lists of numbers or reams of data. A story packages an impersonal, forgettable series of facts and figures in a format that we can connect with, and that can be easily shared.

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Stories may be anecdotes, commentary, opinions. They may be chronicles of people, ideas and places.

  • Correspondence Relating to the War With Spain Including the Insurrection in the Philippine Islands and the China Relief Expedition, April 15, 1898, to July 30, 1902 Volume 1.
  • Judas and Caiaphas (Conversations Through the Pages - New Testament).
  • Tales of Evolution: Antelope.
  • Yet their power can be far-reaching, even subversive. When you tell a story, you invite listeners or readers to draw their own conclusions.

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    But tell your story well and you can shape what those conclusions will be. Good stories are powerful because they are not oppressive or didactic. Rather, they motivate or inspire others to feel and act of their own accord. A story is much greater than the sum of its parts.

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    It has information and ideas embedded within it, perhaps with facts, figures, dialogue and characters. Put together, they are no longer a collection of disparate elements. They can create a whole that has its own force, momentum and influence. Movies are as popular as ever. Books are still in demand, albeit the medium for reading is shifting towards a more digital experience.

    Picture this. The presenter heads up to the lectern, introduces himself then starts his PowerPoint presentation. Now this scenario generally plays out in one of two ways.

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    In one scenario, the presenter is a good storyteller who knows how to use a slide presentation as a useful tool to enhance his story. Your colleague or boss — who usually has no problem amusing you with stories at the company picnic or at Friday night drinks — turns into an autobot who seems capable only of reading directly from the PowerPoint slide.

    Then this presenting genius, who may actually have a valid and wonderful story to tell underneath this slideshow, projects a series of graphs on the screen. After all, he just spent hours working in Excel to turn his raw data into a fancy line graph with different colours representing various cost centres within the company extrapolated over a five-year period.

    What the …? He then wraps up with a closing slide encouraging the audience to connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter. What, in this sea of text and graphs, was supposed to connect with his audience? In fact, PowerPoint can actually be a powerful tool to help you tell stories. And lots of it.

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    The number crunchers who have to sign off on strategic business decisions want to see it in black or white — specifically in spreadsheets that can be manipulated, data-mined and turned into those all-important pretty graphs. They may believe that data and numerical evidence should have the final say.

    When it comes to influencing people, data might be king, but the ace up your sleeve is your story. Use the right data in a good story , and you have a powerful combination that can influence behaviour and, sometimes, change the world. This action might not be possible to undo. Learn to tell stories that have the power to inspire, motivate, and sell Storytelling in business is a skill that's rarely taught?

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    But it gives those who get it right the power to inspire and engage people more than any pie chart or spreadsheet ever will. Stories foster a deeply human connection, and Power Stories: The 8 Stories You Must Tell to Build an Epic Business gives readers the skills they need to master this lost art to make sales and seal deals. Whether it's in person or online, storytelling is an influential and persuasive tool. This book reveals how to discover the stories sitting under your nose and harness them for your business.

    From power stories readers need to know to how to turn prospects into customers, and customers into raving fans, the book covers exactly how and when to employ the power of storytelling, and is packed with proven strategies and real-life examples that bring the key concepts to life. What stories do you need to tell to boost your business, build your profile and turn your customers into raving fans? Find out in Power Stories. When you tell the right stories, you can transform a brand into an icon, turn your customers into tireless advocates, and give your business--or yourself--an unbeatable advantage.

    Written for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, game-changers or anyone who wants to build an epic business, Power Stories is your essential guide to harnessing the awesome power of a well-told story.

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    You'll also find more resources and templates to create your own power stories at www. Last year, this nationwide search clocked up impressive coverage in The Australian, Sky News, metropolitan radio and newspapers around the country, as well as countless mentions on you guessed it blogs.

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