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Fresh Flesh (Nexus) [Wendy Swanscombe] on gravonfordo.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Out of the shadows of myth an ancient horror invades lesbian.
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Most likely, you see yourself as a body swimming with thoughts, emotions and ambitions. Maybe you identify yourself first by your talents, vocations or values: as a climber, a musician, as a communist. Names are meant to identify and summarize you but ultimately fail to satisfy either role.

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Names can alienate you too. They can be false prophets. For many trans people, birth names become deadnames. I distinctly remember the moment in high school when we began our class by reintroducing ourselves with pronouns to the people we had grown up with.

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It felt odd at first, entering this ritual so bare and true. What used to be intimate confessions became declarations. It was a terrifying comfort; we held our breath as one, passing it around the room, as each of us entered the space as pretend-strangers. It was an opportunity to reenter the known realms of our world and it reminded me of Harvey Milk shouting at all of us to come out of the closet. To tell our neighbors that their grocer is queer, that their children are queer, that their friends are queer.

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Milk politicized coming out: it was powerful, he implied, for the greater good of our community. It is a privilege to understand identity; it is a greater privilege to perform your truth in the total safety of your reality. The jury is still out on if it was Zeta-Jones or Deneuve, but I hope my mom got a good grade in that class. Strangers expect applause if they spell it correctly.

The Chinese name my mother chose for my legal middle name came from the ancient Chinese classic The Spring Autumn Annals.

So much for radical female friendship. But adopting a new name so late in life split me in two: the Katherine before, the Kat after. Coupled with the spice of teenage rebellion, I could not distinguish my growth from my identity crisis. How do celebrities do it?

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When these famous household names rebranded, were their names purely interchangeable costumes? We were all confused when Snoop announced his transition from canine to feline form, but maybe for him it felt like shedding skin, one era of iconicity to the next. Was reinvention an embodiment of their hopeful ascension to superstardom?

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  • Or maybe their name was a protective shield that separated their public performance from their private life, a shield that ricocheted the scrutiny of TMZ onto a exquisitely concocted character. Oh Nexus Prime, when will you come? What matters is software and RAM, and the Prime will have the best of both. Being that this is the latest reference device from Google, and that Honeycomb was a bit of an unfinished product when it shipped, we know fully well that Google and Samsung have put everything they have into this one.

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    Samsung has positioned itself as one if not the of the top manufacturers producing Android devices, and the Nexus Prime will be no exception. Expect blazing fast performance on par or better than the Samsung Galaxy S2. Samsung Galaxy S2. It works beautifully in direct sunlight, has butter smooth operation in all areas, and is power efficient. Go and find one of these displays and have a look for yourself. Pure, rich blacks, saturated colors — every time I pull it out it practically puts a frown on iPhone owners faces.

    Think Galaxy S2, but better. Still, for some 4. What we are looking at represent two of the most advanced Android devices in the universe. This is particularly hard for me to write, as I am the proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S2, and can easily say that it is the best smartphone I have ever owned — period. My only small gripe would be that I wish the display had slightly higher resolution.

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    One other thing to consider is physical size. I wonder how 4. The verdict is still out on that one, folks. After witnessing these brand new leaks of what appears to be the Nexus Prime in the flesh for the first time, I have to say that I am completely sold on Ice Cream Sandwich. And how about you? Do you think the Nexus Prime has what it takes to be a Galaxy S2 killer? Are you excited? Let us know your thoughts! Features News. Darcy LaCouvee. Overview Samsung Galaxy S2.

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